Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Back

Well, back safe and sound at home. The retreat was great as are all Christian retreats. We left Jasper around 10:00 A.M. after waiting for a down pour to pass over. We got to Cullman and HAD to stop at the All Steak for lunch. If you have never been to All Steak, you should really make the effort to go. The food is absolutely wonderful and the visit is topped off by a basket of orange rolls that are to die for. Everyone from around these parts know about them. If you leave this restaurant hungry, it is your own fault.

After lunch we decided to stop in part of historic Cullman where there are some antique shops. However, before arriving there I spotted a fabric store. Trina knows the rest of that story without me going on. I browsed through that shop while the others were looking at the old stuff. I did find a piece of fabric that I just could not leave. I am into aprons and this piece is just too cute. It is a coffee theme. I guess I have enough stash to make at least twenty aprons. I have even toyed with the idea of making them to sell. After seeing the prices on some in Guntersville, I think I should consider it. I even have a name for them : Lillie Belle's Aprons. Lillian was my Mother's name and Belle was my Grandmother's middle name. I am thinking real hard.

When we arrived in Guntersville, we stopped off at a shop that has been there forever. Its name has changed, but other than that it is as always. There have a ground level floor that is packed with all kinds of things from fabric (didn't find anything this time) to novelty gifts, clothing for all ages and sizes, luggage, candies, cookies, you name it. But in the basement there is a lot of things, but they may be irregulars or close outs or out of season items. But the prices are super. I got Eddy a pair of Carhartt carpenter jeans for $17 which ain't bad!!
After I went back upstairs I happen to find Joe a pair of Haggar slacks that have the hidden stretch waistband and they were only $15.

We stopped off at McDonald's to get a small snack and something to drink before we went on to the state park. Dinner wasn't going to be until around 7:00. We got checked in and kind of just rested for a while. \\

When we got to the area where the meal and sessions were held, it looked like a big girls pajama party. You would not believe some of the things these ladies had on. It was hilarious. And the meal was so good. And the carrot cake for dessert was soooo good.

The theme of the retreat was: Designing Women, God's Way. Of course, you can guess that the TV show played a large part in it, with scenes complete with Julia, Suzanne, Charlene, the whole gang present.

The scripture verse was Psalm 139:14 - I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Just thing about that. We are made each made by God in His image and He had this all planned even before my body was formed in my mother's womb. How thrilling is that thought? God had my life planned before I was even born. I love Jeremiah 29:11 where God tells us that He knows the plans he has for us. That is such a comfort.

When the session was over we all went to our rooms. My roomie, Edna, and I crashed and almost did not get up in time for this morning sessions. For some reason, we failed to order a wake up call and had one of the other "girls" not knocked on our door, we might have still been asleep, but we put ourselves in to gear and made it with time to spare. Our breakfast buffet was a good old country breakfast and was so good. The speaker this morning told us about some of the things that might not have been part of our design plan like sickness, death or terrible accidents. She related a story about a friend of hers that never married until she was 42 and was hurt in an accident that left her paralized from the waist down. The young lady did not let it tear her down, but became stronger for it. She and Joni Tada Erickson have become friends and one of Joni's books, "Hope. . . the Best of Things" is dedicated to her. You see even though God has designed us, there is not promise that things will not come into our lives that will give us grief, pain and suffering, but He also designed us with the ability to overcome these obstacles, if we so choose to do so. This is a reminder to me that Satan is prowling around just waiting for us to use a mishap to blame God and then he will step in and take over. Our lives and hope for eternity can quickly become ruined.

We had some beautiful singing and prayers. Imagine what a chorus of God's loveliest creatures all lifting their voices in praise to him. It was incredible. As always I came home refreshed and ready to start serving Him for another week.

WOW. Snow possible tonight. Is there anything more scrambled up than Alabama weather? But ain't it wonderful.

Think I will go take a nice hot shower and put my pj's on. I have got to give my little four footed boys some lap time. And to say I am just the least bit tired would definitely be an understatement.

Everyone have a blessed Sunday and God bless.

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Oh this sounds like it was an awesome retreat. I love Christian retreats. Our church hosted a marriage retreat today. I was not able to go...but my daughter and her husband came from Montgomery. She called all aglow about what they were learning at lunch at 3...I went up when it was over to check out the faces of the other participants as they left....they were all tired looking...but very happy. I love marriage retreats....or retreats of any kind. Glad you had fun. Selling the aprons would be a good idea....and how grandmothers middle name was Belle...Leila Belle