Monday, May 31, 2010


I hope everyone is enjoying your holiday, but PLEASE remember WHY we have this holiday. It cost some people a lot, like their lives. They may have survived whichever war/conflict they may have been involved with physically, but do you ever stop to think about those that have and are still having problems dealing with the things they endured? Our idea of today is a cook out, time at the beach/lake, visiting with family and friends. This is all good, but somewhere we need to stop and think just how we got to do all these nice things.

I guess I am on a real giant size soap box lately, but all these political ads have just about got the best of me. Tomorrow is election and I will be so glad when it is over. This is just the primary and if a run off is necessary it will be starting over on Wednesday. What floors me is that today, there are say two/three candidates running for the same office on the same ticket. They are blasting each other for all they are worth - name calling, mud slinging, you name it. Then come Wednesday and time to begin campaigning for the run off. Those same people that could not endure each other today are all buddy buddy on Wednesday. How do you account for that?

And another thing. Why do people long at you like you have four heads if you happen to not agree with their political agenda? Those people that I spoke of earlier gave me the privilege to vote and to vote for whomever I please without fear of reprisal. And I love my friends that are not of the same persuasion as I, but I don't ever recall forwarding them an email that is knocking the people/party I happen to be supporting at this time. I say at this time, because I do not vote party, I vote person. I know of no president, governor, senator, representative or any other elected official that is perfect or above reproach. We all have/will sin and fall short of the glory of God.

I received an email today that was blasting President Obama really bad. My Daddy, a veteran, said that even if you did not vote for the sitting president, he still deserved your respect by the very nature of the office he held. President Obama has been in office less than two years. Now tell me this. How did he create a trillion dollar plus deficit in that length of time? And the health care reform stuff has been floating around for years as in more than two. And I received an announcement from Medicare last week that said this new act would be a savings for people and the government. Oh, I forgot, the person that sent it is a Republican. I still love her and think she is a wonderful Christian lady. And that is another point. Since when do I have to be a Republican in order to be a Christian? I am first a Christian, then an American. My salvation was bought with the blood of Jesus and my freedom was bought with the blood of a soldier. I don't think that anyone has the right to try to impose on me their political views. I feel like I am a fairly intelligent person and perfectly capable of making my own decisions. They may not always be right, but they were nonetheless, MY decision.

I have also been told numerous times that when President Bush was the sitting president that he was there with God's blessings because God set in place those that should govern us. Does Presjdent Obama not have those same blessings? Evidently from the way some people talk, not so.

I will probably anger some people and they may think me a lunatic, but so be it. I have sat around for eight+ years and had things stuffed down my throat and rather than cause a conflict, I have just let it pass, but the email this morning just put a big crack in the straw on the camel's back. Glad it didn't break!!

My sisters that I meet with each week are so dear to me and I would not hurt any of them for anything, but I guess I am just full up today.

This is not going to be a happy face week. Nothing to say on it just yet, later though.

I definitely need a good attitude adjustment and don't know where the adjuster is right now. I guess the blog will have to do. However, I don't think anyone ever reads my posts, but so what? I have got a lot off my mind and I do feel a little better right now.

I am going upstairs, take a shower, get dressed with a minimum of make-up and go for a manicure. My hands are hurting so badly and a couple of my fingers feel like a tooth ache. The manicurist I use is great and I do hope they are open today. If not, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow will be another day.

Remember our veterans past and present. I am honored to have had a dad, uncle, brother, husband and numerous friends to serve. And as always may God bless the United States of America.