Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life is fragile . . .

. . . handle with prayer.

Yes, life is indeed fragile and as the Bible tells us it is only a vapor that will soon disappear, but to have such a young life be snuffed out is hard to understand. I also know that all things are not meant to be understood; however, as humans we can't always grasp hold of that concept. The old church song, "In the Sweet By and By" pretty much says it all.

I am referring, of course, to our niece's untimely death on Thursday due to an accident as she was going home after picking her two oldest boys up from school. Everyone was properly buckled in and suddenly a car cut her off. She was unable to control her vehicle and left the road. She, according, to the paramedics died instantly. The oldest and youngest of the boys were shaken up, but not badly hurt. They were transported to the hospital for observation. The middle boy was in the seat behind Elizabeth and was air lifted to the hospital. The last report Joe got was that his face would have to undergo complete reconstruction.

I do not know why the person in the other car came onto the highway as they did, but for whatever reason it could not be important enough to take a person's life and deprive three young boys of a mother. To make the situation even worst was the fact that that person did not bother to even stop. Were they so oblivious to what was going on that they did not realize what had happened? Being a very busy stretch of highway and being the time of day it was there were several witnesses and a description of the car as well as the tag number was given to the officers. I hope that now that person will be apprehended and dealt with properly and in a timely manner.

Last Monday, the 25th, the baby turned one and next Sunday, the 7th, Elizabeth would have turned 37. Will it ever be the same around this time of year for them? Sadly not for some time yet.

As we approach the holiday season, I most always get very sentimental, depressed or whatever term you may choose. It will be twelve years on the 11th since my dear sweet Mother left this world of pain. My Momma (my forever name for her) is missed every single day that I live and so many times I think of something I need to ask her. That will never go away, I guess. Momma was so sick, both physically and otherwise. I think she just simply got tired and worn out and was ready to go to a better life. Even though I miss her terribly, I would not bring her back unless she could come back the way she once was. But, once again, "In the Sweet By and By."

The weather is finally beginning to feel like the fall and I am so happy. Basically I am a cool weather person, not necessarily cold, but nippy cool. I love the way the coolness will tingle you face when you walk out in it. It is so rejuvenating. I can get so silly during this time of the year. Heck, my manager at the gift shop told me Friday I was silly all the time. Oh well, I have fun.

My never seen friend, Karen over at Karen's Korner is having a give away. She will be drawing for it at midnight tonight. The picture of the unfinished basket looked too good and I just believe I could really appreciate everything in it. I love surprises.

Our shop is beginning to look like a Christmas shop. Melissa and I spent all last week putting up stuff and pulling out our Christmas stock. We have ten skinny trees that we decorate with ornaments in a particular theme. One is animals, one in Alabama/Auburn, another is for young kids and I don't know what else we will have for this week. One of our tables has some really pretty pieces of dishes that are too cute. Of course, there are our Christmas aprons. You all did know I have a fetish for aprons, didn't you? If Melissa thinks I have been silly before now, she ain't seen nothing yet!! I promise,Trina, someday I plan to try and grow up but not anytime soon.

Our annual conference for hospital volunteers was in Mobile this year and we stayed at the Renaissance Plaza and it was wonderful. We did not have to leave the hotel until we left if we didn't want to. Pat, my cohort in crime, and I did go out walking one afternoon and really enjoyed looking at some of the older things around that part of the city. Our state project for the association is Alzheimer's Disease. We had a wonderful speaker on the subject and I intend to learn as much as I can about it. Our hospital has a support group that meets once a month or once a week, can't remember which. It designed specifically for the caregivers who the speaker said is the most affected from this terrible disease. I can well see how that may be from what Trina says.

I promise to be a more dedicated blogger and not wait for a month or more between posts. I mean well and you would not believe how many blogs i write in my head as I wait for sleep to overtake me at night. Some of those actually sound quite good. Too bad I can't remember them once I waken the next day.

Until next time, always remember to spread a little sunshine wherever you go.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

just some rambling thoughts

The weather is really pleasing me lately. Only complaint is that it warms up in the afternoon. It will be really nice when it stays in the low 70s and high 60s all day and with a breeze and sun shining. I guess God doesn't have to have me to do His weather planning, but maybe just a little hint won't hurt.

Joe and I are leaving shortly to go to Cullman. Today is the last day of their annual October Fest, the only one world-wide that does not serve beer. They seem to have great crowds and lots of stuff going on anyway. We will end up the afternoon by going to Rumor's Deli for a German style meal. Having never been to Germany, I have no idea if it is authentic or not, but Joe, having been to Germany, says it is close.

Well, this is probably the world's shortest blog post, but Joe is ready to leave and I don't want him to change his mind. The weather is good, I've got my walking shoes on and nothing is hindering us. Will give you a report later among some other thoughts.

Life is good, God is good. Thank Him for the first.