Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Big Letter H

I have been tagged to list some things that begin with the letter "H" that is important to me. I think that is what it is supposed to be. The internet gremlins are at my computer again and I can not get into my daughter's blog to get the exact rules. I have been known to break the rules or change them in my life time. Yea!! I finally got the little gremlin out and found the right number of things to list. Sorry, my blog will not be as cute as others, but I am not into this as much as others. Guess I could be if I just took the time to do it. Oh well, he goes. And absolutely no laughing at this little round old lady's list.

1. Heaven -What good would life here be if there wasn't Heaven to look forward to? I read a thing the other day. Actually, my son sent it to me. It said, "What if I do and it isn't? (Nothing is lost.) What if I don't and it is? (All is lost.)

2. Hubby - My Joe is my life. We have had some rough roads over the last 40 years, but I wouldn't , couldn't think of spending my life without him. I guess your first love is always the best. I mean your first TRUE love. There were others I thought I loved, but no. They were not the real thing.

3. Hunlin - Gothcha on that one, didn't I? Unless you speak Pennsylvania Dutch or you read a lot of Wanda Brumstetter or Beverly Lewis books you would never guess that means "Dog." I do read those ladies' books and my dogs are my bestest friends. My Gizmo left me last October and I still miss him so much. I find myself (and Joe too) calling one of the other pups Gizmo. He will always be the #1 pup in our lives. But Mule and Dingo are stepping up and letting us spoil them.

4. Happiness - This is something that is not always possible, but if only we had constant happiness maybe our lives wouldn't be so mixed up sometimes. But God nowhere in the Bible promises us happiness. I realize that the sad times, the bad times. the mad times are all part of being here.

5. Home - This is the place you can always come back to when everything else and everybody else turns on you. I don't mean a building known as a house. I mean that place where you are welcome and loved regardless of the situation you are in. This is usually the place where special people live like parents.

6. Health - This is something we all take for granted until it begins to go on you. Why do we wait until then to begin to practice healthy lviing? Don't know, but sure wish I had paid closer attention when I was younger. Joe and I are in reasonably good health, but as we are getting older there are some things that just do not work like they once did. Thank goodness we are still around to have "problems."

Gee, this letter isn't as easy as it looked.

7. Honor of country, ancestors and most importantly (at least to me) God. Our country is what it is today (freedom, opportunity, rights that other nations only dream of) because our ancestors had faith in God that He would provide them with a safe place to live and worship. He has done His part. We should do ours.

8. Hair - Do not laugh. I thought of this because I am a regular contributor to St. Jude's Research Hospital and I receive a calendar every year. When I turn the pages and see the pictures of all the kids suffering from that dreaded disease, they are always smiling, but not a strand of hair to be found. I also receive a small photo each month with a short bio of the child. They, too, are smiling and bald. Such courage.

9. Hope - Don't we all hope for things? Hope is another one of those things that helps us get through the long days especially when those days are beset with many problems. As the song says, "You gotta have high hopes."

10. Hands - I have realized in the last few years how important my hands are. You would be at the mercy of others without the use of them. I have a fair amount of arthritis. No, arthritis isn't fair, but it happens to a lot of people. I am thankful that it is only my hands that are affected and they still do what I need them to do. That is the key to arthy - keep those joints moving.

Well, Trina, I have blogged. I know these things are not the best, but they are the things that came to mind. Enjoy and critique.


♥Trina♥ said...

No need to critique. That is an awesome list! It doesn't sound like H was a difficult letter for you to do at all. :)


Oh Ms. Marty I loved your list. I am one of Trina's friends from work. We teach together and I blog also. I have checked out several of her followings....and find that we delight over much the same kinds of stuff. You delighted me From your first comment on Heaven and the all is lost comment to the hair one. My father is beginning chemo and will lose all his glorious white hair. I am struggling with this one. I also have an ex-daughter in law, who is now my friend....who is bald as an onion right now....with stage 4 cancer of the breast for the third time. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen....with or without hair. I hope to meet you one day because I feel I already know both you and Joe from Trina's tales. You are my kind of people. Happy Wednesday and Keep blogging. Karen