Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess Who!!

It has been another busy week up on Mockingbird Hill. Make that two weeks. Between doctor appointments and other things we just about meet ourselves coming and going out the door. Oh well at least life is not boring around here. Oh, for boring!!

Our Faith in Action campaign on Sunday was wonderful. We started out with breakfast in the fellowship hall, prepared and served by th Boy Scout/Cub Scout Troops we sponsor. Then we went to worship service, which is the highlight of my week. After worship, each team met at the work sites. Our site was the elementary school where I attended, my kids attended and I spent 22 years as secretary/bookkeepper, etc. So it was a labor of love for me. I was a sight - work gloves, bright purple T-shirt (our signature FIA shirts) and a pollen mask. We made three flower beds, sans flowers due to the impending freeze, painted the poles along the side walk and cleaned around the side walk. All went well and very little rain. The agribusiness class put the plants out for us yesterday. After work, everyone went home, cleaned up (well, everyone was SUPPOSED to go home and clean up) and went back to the building where the Scouts had grilled burgers and dogs for supper. Everyone then gave reports of their day of work. It was a fast and tiring day, but one that had God written all over it. I only hope the communities that had work done in them saw Him.

Even with the "sneeze mask" I managed to have a sneeze fit Sunday night. So for the remainder of this week, I have been in a fog of sorts. At least the sneezes have been kept at bay, somewhat.

The dogwoods have really been putting on a show around here. The woods are simply beautiful. Everywhere you look there are little white patches peeking from the still barren trees. And the red buds have been strutting their stuff as well. Just another of God's wonders. How do people look at the beauty of nature and not believe? Beats me.

Got to run. Washer has turned off, pups are waiting for reading time and I have got to at least vacuum the floors. Will mop if I feel the need. And of course, the sewing room is crying for some attention. Oh, me can somebody please give me a week's worth of maid service. Oh no!!! That would mean I would have to clean the house before I would dare let them in.