Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Did April Go??

As far as that goes, where does all my time go? I know I must be accomplishing something since the house has not yet been condemned by the health department and no one has reported me to the ASPCA for not taking care of Mule and Dingo and Joe has not suggested that I start reading my cookbooks (of which I have MANY).

Today was no different from most Mondays. I was up at 5:30 to get ready and be at the hosptal by 7:00 for the book sale. I left there at 10:00 and went by the bank and then went downtown to the First United Methodist Church for their Tasting and Fashion Show. My "partner in crime" at the hospital gift shop is a member of the UMW group and she invited me as her guest. Each lady in the group made recipes from their latest cookbook and we were privileged to sample them. As Rachel Ray says, "YUM-O." Then the fashion show began - it was a blast. The lady that modeled her Easter dress had plastic Easter eggs in her bonnet; the lady that modeled her pill box hat had a "hat" that was loaded with pill bottles, needles, etc and her "handbag" was a first aid kit and she was dressed in white scrubs. There were about fifteen more ladies with their fashions. Let your imagination run with these: a sun dress, a Christmas dress (would you believe a Christmas tree dress and gift box shoes?), bell bottoms, sack dress, etc. It was real cute. Then it was on the the clinic for my monthly CBC. Then I just fooled around a while and came home around 5:00.

We received some bad news over the week end. Joe's uncle married a lady from our church and before they moved to Monroe County, the four of us would go out to eat a lot. And we have been down to visit them several times. Anyway, several years ago, Betty adopted two of her grandchildren and raised them up as her children. Sammie, the boy, moved down to Monroe Country about six years ago, married a young lady and had a little girl. He was working and doing OK. Saturday, he suddenly died from a massive heart attack and he was only 31. Joe and I are going down in the morning for the services. Betty and Louis are not dealing well with it. Don't guess anybody would.

There just isn't anything real exciting happening around here. It was stormy most all week-end, but fortunately, no damage was done that I know of.

One of my blogger friends, Karen, posted here 200th blog today and is having a give away to celebrate. Drop over to her site and enter. Karen's terrific giveaway will take you to her blog, so jump over and enter. However, I fully intend to win simply because I NEED SOME PAMPERING.

Until I have time to sit down and write more, I am calling it a day.