Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a beautiful day

It was indeed a beautiful sight this morning to watch the snow falling. We had very little accumulation, but just the sight of falling snow has always been something that is just too beautiful to put into words. Another one of God's awesome creations. By the time we were out of church, the sun was out and all snow was gone, but the air was COLD, especially when a gust of wind whipped around you.

One of the blogs that I so enjoy reading is Karen's Corner and in the wee hours of this morning she posted six things that made her smile. I thought I would give that a shot. Here goes.

1. The first thing is definitely a newborn baby. For that moment in time I am able to look into the face of God or the nearest thing on earth to His face. And for those precious moments (plus a few short years) I can also look into the face of a perfect person. I mean perfect in no bad thoughts or behavior. I also realize there are times when a baby is not always perfect physically.

2. A falling snow makes me smile. See above statement.

3. Greeting my "sisters" at church or wherever I happen to meet them.

4. Being with my own children, which has become few and far between times.

5. My pups. Those two are always doing something to put a smile on your face. Their funniest thing is when Dingo decides that Mule is a cushion and sits on him.

6. Any show of patriotism makes me smile and oft times I also have tears in my eyes.

Smiles just don't happen as much as they should. Nor do good old "belly" laughs. I love to laugh so hard that tears form and your side starts to hurt. Nothing will boost my spirits much quicker.

Got some other stuff to do so until the next time, have a good day and God bless.



I love you list too. Those are also some of my most favorite things....but remember it was after 2 when I was blogging this morning. I took a nap this afternoon. Hope I did not sleep too much. I cancelled everything I had planned today so I could sleep. I felt guilty...but knew health comes first. Have a good week Ms. Marty.

♥Trina♥ said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the retreat. I knew you would. :) Your list is awesome. You are the best!!

Love you!


I am glad you enjoyed the Sunday post. I enjoyed doing it. I too can now enjoy being around my ex....I feell sorry for him still. He has lost so much and does not even realize it to this day. What a different life he could have had....but que sera sera. Have a good day!