Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a week -- and there is still some left!!

Sunday was a great day (always is to me). Worship services were awesome and then lunch with some of our friends. That night there was a Valentine Banquet at the church building for all ages. The teens helped look after the younger ones while the adults had dinner. The teens ate later. The dinner was nice and the entertainment was great. Our emcee is a former radio announcer and talk show host locally who now teaches at the local community college. He is a hoot. Anyway, it was a most pleasant evening.

Then Monday, Joe and I headed to Birmingham bright and early. We did our round of thrift shops. That is so much fun. I have put together a rather nice looking outfit for less than $10.00, not including shoes. That is the one thing I don't even look at. I get several name brand items and sometimes even get new things with the hang tags still attached. Then after that we had lunch at a Cracker Barrel (Thanks Trina for the gift card.) and then it was off to the VA hospital for Joe's visit with the urologist. For the first time ever he wanted me to go back with him. I thought it rather odd that he even wanted me to go over there, but didn't think much about that. Anyway, he has a prostate biopsy scheduled for March 17 - the first available. Seems his PSA level had jumped from a 3 last year to a 7.5 this year. For some reason our primary care doc had not run a PSA or else it just showed up at his regular yearly VA check up. VA does his diabetic, vision and eye care along with a yearly check up. The young doctor (and I mean YOUNG) said it is wise to have it checked even if it turns out to be only an infection or inflammation. So that was Monday.

Tuesday was my weekly ladies' Bible class and get together with my "sisters." We are doing Wednesday night fellowship meals during February so of course we had to plan for that. Some of the others went grocery shopping after lunch. I had to get my monthly blood check for my anemia. No Procrit shot this month and have not had one since October - YEA! Finally I got home around 5:00.

Wednesday we woke to a blustery, stormy looking day, but fortunately nothing ever happened except for high winds. I had chicken to cook to take to the building for our meals. We were having chicken casserole and several of us take the chicken home to cook to save time. Then I made a batch of brownies to take for dessert. By then it was time to get ready and go see Eddy. I left there and picked up one of the girls that doesn't drive and got to the building by 2:00. We began putting the casseroles together and getting the green beans on to cook. We made eight casseroles. After we fed the church folk we packed the remainder of the food into freezer boxes that two of our hospice units get for the patients and/or caregivers. This is a ministry we have been doing since 2005 and has been a very rewarding thing. We also prepared nine meals and delivered to people that were sick at home. My life pretty much centers around my church and I wouldn't want it any other way.

It is finally Thursday and I don't know if there are enough hours today to do what NEEDS to be done. Guess I will do what I can and let the rest wait its turn. So far no one has complained, that being Joe. He has food to eat and clean clothes to wear so he doesn't worry much about the rest. Our house isn't all that bad, mostly just cluttered. But that bothers me.

I guess I had better get off here and get busy. But where do I begin? Guess it will be the buttonholes a lady asked me to make for her. And the washer just went off and I have some calls to make. One is to cancel my mission trip to Mexico that I was to leave for on March 13, but I will not go since Joe's biopsy is on the following Tuesday. I know it is a simple procedure and not much is involved as far as pre-op is concerned, but I will not go off. I know they will understand. I still hate to make the call since I had to cancel last year. Oh well, I hope I can go in June.

Have a blessed, sunny day.


♥Trina♥ said...

Busy woman! You make me tired just reading about all you do. I'm glad you enjoy all of your activities, though. I think Billie would be in much better shape if had stayed busy after she retired.

Most of my kiddos went to the Army simulation thingy, so I'm just sititng here. They are going to be SO far behind, but 1st block has an assembly on Tuesday, so maybe they'll end up back on track. :)


I love thrift stores too. I also love worship on Sunday. I knew we connected the first time I read your blog. Have a great weekend...and keep blogging....oh...and Happy Valentines Day to you and Joe!

Creations from my heart said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your comment. I know how addicting fabric can be. I too have many unfinished projects that have fabric set aside for them! I used to manage Joann Fabrics, so you can only imagine how much fabric I collected. I hope you can stop by again. Have a blessed Valentines...Sherry


It is very eerie how much we have in common...that may be why Trina has always seemed more like a little sister...or daughter to me. I do so hope to meet you one day....maybe one day this summer Trina and I can come spend a day with you. I would love to talk with you in person. I think you are an extremely neat person. My husband was in the Navy during Vietnam....and was a military all over creation....born in Okinawa, lived in Germany, Vermont, Arizona, Florida, and Texas too I believe.