Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hola! Mi Amigos

Well, I have returned from Mexico. Actually we got back on June 20th. Our trip began on Saturday, June 13th when we left our church building at 4:00 AM (ugh) and headed for Birmingham International. There were only eleven of us that flew out of B'ham; the other seven flew out of H'ville. Yeah, there were only 18 of us this year, but guess what. We made it fine and I think a small group does better since everybody has to pull their weight. And our bunch did just that.

The weather, as usual, was absolutely wonderful. No humidity, temps in the 70's during the day, maybe low 80's and then when the sun went down, it was time to get the light weight jackets on.

Anyone that has ever listened to me after one of these trips knows just how much I love the people of the Baja. They are really a people that appreciate all they have, which is not much not by our standards. But they are the happiest people you will ever see. They don't have so therefore, they don't miss it. True, there are those who will do without the neccessities just to have a cell phone or something like that. That is a trait tha exists everywhere. And those are mostly the younger ones. The older people just do the best they can.

We were able to do a little home visiting this time and that was so great. The two houses our group went to was of two of the ladies from our congregation. The last one was so special and such a lovely lady. I have pictures of her that I will try to post a little later. Her name was Janet and she is a widow. Her 61 year old son will come to visit some. She has a stiff leg and must use a walker, but her house was clean as a pin and so neat. No only that, when we got there she was working in her garden, which a lot of our farmers would have stood and drooled over. She had lemon, lime, orange and I think, apricot trees, flowers, and vegetables. And she does this while on a walker!! Can you see anyone here doing that? No, they would probably be filling out disability forms.

I coould go on forever, but it is getting late, for me anyway, and I have to be at the hospital for a volunteer meeting at 9:00 in the morning.

After nine years, I am tackling the #1 item on my to-do-list when I retired. I am cleaning out my basement. Now, I didn't say I was finished or even close to finishing, but at least I have started. Hey, give a girl credit for that.