Saturday, March 21, 2009

It has been a good week

Good morning. I hope all of you have had a good week. The weather has been so nice. It is like the weeks we had when I was still working and the kids and I were both out at the same time. I would put them in the yard to play and I took one room a day and totally tore it down and cleaned it, top to bottom and side to side. Boy, that was a big job and one I have not tackled in a long time.

Joe's biopsy went well on Tuesday. A friend of ours from church rode over with us, even though it wasn't necessary. She thinks Joe and I are her "other parents." Her parents also live around here, but have only been back a couple of years so she let us fill in until they moved here from Montgomery. Trina also came up.. He heard from the doctor yesterday and everything is OK. I sure am glad to hear that and I only hope that Joe is telliing me right.

I have my cataract surgery on Tuesday. They will do the right eye then and about four weeks later will do the left. I started the drop routine this morning. I hope this will eliminate glasses all the time, maybe altogether. There is a new implant that can do that, but since I have worn glasses for so long, I will probably still reach for them every morning. Oh well, at least my vision will improve.

Got to run. Do I ever get through going to pick things up. I think I have it all done, and wham-m0 something pops up.

Nine years ago this week (spring break week) I made the decision to retire and it is a decision I have never looked back on. I love not having to stick to a schedule as far as being on the job at such and such time and staying somedays until who knows when. Take my advice. When it is time to retire, do it. Do not wait a few more years to up your monthly check. Time is far more important. I actually stay busier now than I did when I worked, but it is a different kind of busy. A freedom busy. Of course, I do not get a lot of things done that I should, but my projects aren't going anywhere and if I don't ever get them done, the kids can have fun wondering what I was saving all this junk for and then they can toss it or whatever. No, I seriously intend to get them all finished. Now if the stores would just quit selling fabric, crochet thread, notions and I would not subscribe to sewing magazines, etc. What's the fun of life if you can't enjoy it.

Have a good week, friends/

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Nice to hear from you since I got back from England. My dad is very sick and so am I....and sad that my dad is so sick. Keep us in your prayers my sweet friend Marty.