Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Momma

I wonder what we would have done today for your birthday. You always said it was just another day, but I know that you loved the gifts and attention. And most of the time it was a chance for you to have all the kids around you. Oh, how you delighted in the grandchildren and when the great-grands started coming along, you really loved it.

I miss you, Momma, more than anything in this world and there are times that I just want to tell you something and then I realize I can't pick up the phone and call and say, "Guess what." or "How do you do this?" or a hundred other things.

Today has been rougher than most for some reason. I guess the gloomy weather may have something to do with it. You would be "biting at the bits" ready to get out in the garden or whatever.

Each year when your roses bloom I think of you. We have tried to keep them pretty, but I just don't have the same ability you did.

Momma, I love you and miss you. Wish you could be here, but I honestly, would not want you back with all the pain and suffering you were facing. I will see you someday, so until then, I love you.

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