Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm one tired woman

Today has been a typical Monday. My plans were to clean the house, but when I got home from life group last night, I had a pile of peas to shell. And not one but 3 gallons of scuppernong grapes. That shot down cleaning. Anyway, I had some washing that had to be done, so I got that started. Since I had shelled the peas last night, I got them on the stove. I washed the scuppernongs and put them on the stove. It took my huge stainless steel bowl plus my dutch oven. I had to watch them and keep them down low to keep them from sticking. The bottom line is that I got the washing done, got a country supper cooked and now have over a gallon of juice ready to turn into jelly. That will involve most of a day, but I know this winter it will be nice to just open a jar of my home-made jelly rather than paying for it at the store. Joe says there will be some muscadines too. As Rachel Ray says, "Yum-O."

I attended Ma Pounds Black's services on Friday. It was an amazing celebration of an amazing woman's life. There were four ministers that helped conduct the services and at least four or five in the audience. The family made up the better part of the audience. At one point, one of the ministers referred to them as a tribe. That was pretty fitting since there is the Cherokee connection. Her presence will be missed, but she will live on in the many lives she has touched over her 93 years. She would have turned 94 on the 29th of this month.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful church family. Several years ago, I was talking to one of my "sisters" Kathy Walker about how I didn't have any grandchildren close enough to see very often. She said I could just adopt her two, Sally and Christian. They are super kids, too. I told her that would be just fine. I thought that would be the end of that, but since then they never forget my birthday, mother's day, Christmas, Easter and even Grandparent's Day. They met me in the parking lot yesterday with a gift bag. Do you want to know what was in it? OK, I'll tell you - a big fat slab of home-made peanut butter fudge. Oh my goodness, it is soooo gooood. How lucky I am to be associated with such loving, caring and giving people. I know this has to be a minute glimpse of what heaven will be like. Kathy is great to just talk to when I need it. And of course, everybody knows how I feel about my Tuesday Morning Sisters. It is bad to say, but I am closer to them than I am my own sister. I do love Pam, but we just travel on different tracks through life. And I know she would be here in a heart beat if I called and said I needed her.

We have our fall "Cup of Cool Water" project underway. We are buying diapers for Childhaven.

Since I am about nasty, I think a good hot shower is in order and then it will be lap time for my little buddies, Gizmo and Mule. Poor Mule has something wrong with one of his eyes. Looks like he may have a cold settled in it. Pam at the vet's office said to flush it out with some artificial tears. I'll try that and then if it doesn't clear up it will be time to go see the doggy doctor. Dr. Cain is just a great vet. He is so kind and considerate.

Have a great week or day or whatever time span you choose to be in.

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