Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catch Up Time

It seems I cannot get my act together. I have good intentions of posting and then on the way to the computer something gets in the way. I think my area of focusing has about gone out the window.

We had our homecoming at church on the 24th of August. It was really a wonderful day especially since the official ground breaking for the addition to the building took place. All the kids (and some "big" kids) were given Bob the Builder hard hats to commerate the day. There was a phrase on them about this building project being for their future. Someone laughingly said, "And the payments, too."

That week was also doctor check up week. On Monday was a visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning, Tuesday was my visit to the cancer center to see my hemotologist, Wednesday was my check up with my primary care physician. Got a good report from Dr. Cummings (dentist); Dr. Hamilton (hemotologist) ordered a Procrit and said my counts were OK and to come back in 2 weeks; Dr. Barton (primary doctor) gave me a good report also. I hope that about winds things up except for the visits to get my blood work done every two weeks.

We had a wonderful ladies' class yesterday. Our numbers continue to grow and that is very exciting to all of us. We had 12 there yesterday with 3 absent and 3 they only come during the fall seasons. Our hospice cooking is sort of caught up at least for a week or so. That always fluctuates depending on the census of each unit. Now we are into our fall Childhaven project which is to furnish diapers and baby wipes for the Genesis project. This consists of 3 homes that house 4 teen age girls each. These girls are unwed mothers-to-be/mothers. They receive medical care, counseling, additional schooling if needed and day care for the babies. Some girls that don't go to school go to work. It is a wonderful work. Of course, we will naturally have lunch while in Cullman. Let me see, just where would we want to share a meal? Anyone ever heard of the All Steak and their famous orange rolls? We just might have to try that.

Monday night Joe and I made a trip to the funeral home. Trina's best friend during high school, Debbie, had called on Sunday and said her Granny Taff had died. Mr. & Mrs. Taff both lived up on the hill for a long time. She was rather old, but since Debbie had always been a part of our family for so many years and Jo and Ed have lived next door for as along as we have been here.

It is strange but when you go to a visitation like that it usually ends up being sort of a reunion. Debbie and I talked for a long time. She was in Italy back in the spring to visit her son as he graduated from high school. He is currently in basic training with the Air Force in Texas. She gave me one of his graduation pictures. I am posting it below.

Marcus has really made a handsome young man.

I know Debbie is extremely proud of him. It is wonderful that she and Charlie can be friends after all these years. She and I are having lunch sometime before she leaves, I hope. She wants to show me her Italy pictures.

This just about catches me up for now. That is not to say my "projects" are caught up. They just seem to do like rabbits - multiply, multiply, multiply. And since I have been elected historian of the volunteers at the hospital that means another project. Oh well. I guess I could always so "NO," but that's no fun. I got my 500 hundred hour pin yesterday. I made my goal of 500 hours in under two years. Now on to the next level.

Have a great day, World.

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Trina said...

I hate to hear that about Granny Taff! I would love to get back in touch with Debbie, so if you do have lunch with her, tell her to call me, email me, something. :)

Hurray for you and your 500 hour pin. If you aren't careful, they'll start thinking you're a full-time employee up there. lol

Love you!
Your favorite daughter :)