Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today was Up and Down

Today did not start off in such a happy way. Eddy was here overnight and it seems lately when he is here, it never is a happy way. I am at my wit's end on what to do and even wonder at times if there is anything to do except to just exist. Oh well, brighter days are surely not too far off.

Things improved greatly when I got to our ladies class. Always does. It is so refreshing to be around my "sisters." We had a wonderful discussion on several things before we ever got to discussing some of the things from the Beth Moore study book. The study series was so great, even the second time around. After class several of us went out for lunch. We always have a good time then and usually end up staying much longer than the waitress prefers. We always tip well.

Then, I had my six month check up with my hemotologist and I don't go back for six more months. She was so excited about my lab work. Numbers on my blood count were high, which was very good. Numbers on my kidney lab was low, which was very good. After nine years it is about time.

Then I got to go to work. Yea!! I love my job at the gift shop, but I think you all have probably already figured that one out. My manager (I'm old enough to be her mother and she actually calls me Mama Marty sometimes.) is a sweet young lady and anytime I put a display out she always will compliment it and is always thanking me for coming to work. She is a pure joy to be around. I think this satisfying that urge I once had to have my own business, but I don't have to worry with any of that boring stuff like payroll, taxes, ordering, etc. I think that is called the best of both worlds.

Time to call it a day and go snuggle with my little four legged boys. And they are excellent snugglers and on these cold nights I really appreciate them.

Have a great day tomorrow and don't forget o spread a little sunshine along the way.



You are such a ray of sunshine. I so look forward to your positive outlook and your posts always seem to come along when I am feeling at the bottom of the barrel. You have a knack my dear Ms. Marty.

Trina said...

Sorry things aren't always good. I often wonder why God hasn't answered our prayers for Eddy the way we want Him to, but even with His all-encompassing power, it is still Eddy's free will that keeps him wrapped up with his demons. I still pray, though!

Love you!