Saturday, November 6, 2010

looking forward to a new week

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to a new week. The last couple have been hard, but after hard times, the good times seem even better. And there will be better.

I am so sorry the Tide did not roll today, but I still love them and think they are the best. They always show class and that is just as important (well, almost) as a win. You know what I mean.

The last three days have been absolutely beautiful even though the temp today was just a wee bit too cool. If the wind had not been blowing, even the temp would not have been so bad. The skies were so pretty - just a few wispy clouds around. My God is so awesome when he paints His canvas so full of beauty.

Our gift shop is beginning to look like a Christmas wonderland. I don't know where Melissa got all the ornaments, but we have got them, everything from angels or all kiinds to fishing Santas. We even have some shoes and purses for all the girly girls out there. I am having a blast with all the decorating and seeing what else will pop out of the stock room.

We plan to have an open house this next Friday. One of the companies we order from has sent some samples that we can prepare to offer to customers in hopes they will then buy the product. Sounds like fun to me. The foods of the holidays are one of my favorite things.

Our younger Chi has been shaking for several days now so I dug out his sweater and he is much better. He is our funny boy whereas Mule is our more sedate laid-back fellow. These two boys have given us some very enjoyable times. You should see them get after animals on the TV. You would think a war had broken out and they were our only line of defense. It is even funnier when Dingo turns and gets onto Mule because he is also barking. It is a hoot.

OK, I have had my shower, got my flannel jammies on, lotioned up my feet and put on my sleep socks and then put on Snuggle slippers on, so dear blogging friends I will bid each of you a pleasant nights rest until the next time. Have a wonderful day with God tomorrow and spread some sunshine wherever you go.



Take some pictures and share them of the Christmas at the Gift Shop. I know it must be gorgeous!

Trina said...

Yes, take pics of the shop!

Ali was freezing the other day, so I tried to "dress" her. She peed herself and wiggled out of my arms, so I just gave up and let her burrow in a blankie. Silly girl!