Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I'll Defend Her to the End . . ."

No, I am not talking about Lee Greenwood's all time classic hit about the U.S.A. The words fit for me as a mother.  Having grown up in the country where there were many types of animals and fowl, I am familiar with the way some of them respond to their young.  The mother hen will flog you in a heart beat if you go near her young, otherwise known as "biddies."  Most animals are protective of their young, but we animals, human beings, are even more so. 
As most of you may know I, or rather Joe and I, have two childrenm both grown now. That fact does not deter me from coming to their side if I feel the need.  Anytime anyone, including family or friends, make either of my kids unhappy, I am unhappy.  
When I talk to either of them I can tell by their demeanor what they feel like, usually.  And today when I talked with my daughter she was crying!! To a mother that is very unacceptable behavior especially when she is crying because of the actions of some other person.  I was about to put my on "flogging" outfit.  
She is a very soft hearted person and very compassionate about things, but when some one begins to throw slurs at her and then she tries to defend herself only to be made to appear as if she is all wrong, it hurts.  She has tried to put this behind her but to no avail.  She has even accepted responsibility for whatever she did that may have appeared out of line.  Let's all face it.  NO ONE is perfect that walks on the big orb.  He that was is not longer walking here. EVERYONE is subject to making mistakes and misjudgements.  That is part of being a human.  That person that thinks they are immune to mistakes made their first one when they made such an implication.
I have said my say and am now burying this whole matter.  I only hope that my daughter can find peace and once more be herself.  She has tried to forget, but has not been successful.  My prays are for her every day.  And I know in time she will overcome.  I hope others will do the same.
I've spoken about our daughter.  The same holds true for our son.  And it is common knowlege, especially around here, that he has tested the waters quite frequently, but I can remember many times while still in school some of the scorn he was put through because he chose to be a musician rather than an athlete.  So much so that at one point he even gave band to be on the football team.  Did that help?  No!!  He then had to suffer the scorn of doing as the others to only wind up sitting on the bench.  This was not the only time things like this happened, but that hurt me just as much as it did him.  This does not excuse his actions over the last few years, but you wonder if things like that might not have led to his problem by him trying to "fit in."  Only he knows, but believe you me, If I ever find out who was responsible for the beginning of his problem, this mother hen will reinvent the flogging outfit.  
As Minnie Pearl used to say on "Hee Haw."  "We're through playing now."  I am through venting now.  

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Trina said...

Thank you so much for the support you have always shown me, and I know that will always be able to count on you. The tears are now gone, and I'm quite certain there will be no more, or at least none that are caused by what caused these. I love you!!